Motorcycle Clubs. They still have an almost mythical air of independence and an imagined code of honour that seems out of another time. They are outlaws in a law abiding world and a true anachronism. The last remnants of the Wild West some say. Still, they are surrounded by mystique, some envy their alleged freedom. And in a romanticized view they are sometimes even Heroes. This is a not a game about the real 1%. This is a game about clubs like they are portrayed in some shows, books and films, for example Sons of Anarchy. They are still grimy, involved in crime and usually have a dastardly deposition. Even though their actions are questionable at best, they are the good guys for some. Somewhere in the US there is a small town that needs protection, and your MC is going to make sure that their home-town is kept safe as best they can. They will deal with anyone who threatens their home, the status quo and their family. While making money and riding bikes of course.

  • Play as either one of the MC officers or others in their circle.
  • Indulge in your Vice to to regain Grit, a meta currency to buy successes with.
  • Beware of Heat! When it gets to high the shit WILL hit the fan!
  • Combat is quick and deadly.
  • The MC itself has Business, People and Reputation traits
This PDF contains all you need to begin play within minutes. There is a random generator for scenarios and locations to let you quickstart your imagination. And of course character sheets for your players.

Welcome to a game about Bikes, Home, Family and Crime!

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