Various Downloads

The basic Savage Worlds Character sheet I now use in all my games.

This is the basic Totems of the Dead Character sheet. No auto-calculations though. You can save it too if you have a reader like Foxit instead of basic Adobe.

A Savage Worlds Sheet for Thrilling tales, Including some modifications for my homebrew

This savage fan 40+ page PDF is a full-blown resource book for any Space Opera game.

Savage Space 1.0 download link

Savage Space 1.0

Content Overview:

  • 5 hindrances
  • 14 edges
  • An extensive equipment list
  • Various armors and shields
  • 16 new weapons including blasters and Disintegrators
  • Cyberware, from replacements to enhancements
  • A full rule set on how to create space ships as characters, complete with skills, edges, hindrances, and equipment
  • And finally a full featured adventure generator!

The PDF as extensive bookmarks and a click-able Index. It presumes only a generic setting and everything is usable with ease in any Sci Fi Space Opera campaign.

Still not convinced?  Read a Review at Solace of Savagery!

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