Savage Worlds Conversion: Technoir – Transmissions

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You may or may not have heard about the Kickstarter for a new RPG called Technoir. It gathered a funding of over$  from supporters quicker than anyone had anticipated and it is still growing.  I really recommend checking it out! It is an interesting game in itself and worth your money. However I am a Savage at heart. I am honest here, I never connected to RPG engines that where Storyteller focused. I love my dice so I prefer systems with more dice types than D6. And my group and I have  a strong dislike for dice pool mechanics. But I still pledged money to it. Why? The presentation is great, the mechanics well thought out and it contains more than a simple game engine. I am really excited for it simply because it inspires me. It is the first game of this type that somehow managed to click. And I am sure I will be able to borrow liberally for my Savage Worlds games!

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Music for your Sci Fi / Cyberpunk game

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It started during the writing of my Necropolis Scenario and then was intensified by the Technoir Kickstarter. I am in a Cyberpunk mood and find myself digging once more through my Music collection for Sci Fi / Cyberpunk games.  Right now I am preparing a playlist to listen to while reading Interface Zero. In all the years you collect a lot of material, but some albums always stick out.

As there are already hundreds of lists and forum posts about the right music for your Cyperpunk or Sci Fi Game out there I will not even attempt to post another list. Instead I want to introduce two albums I really like but have not seen mentioned much. Both deserve your attention as they are high quality albums.

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