First Look: Savage Worlds Deluxe Edition

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Savage Worlds Deluxe Edition is available for preorder with a PDF Bundle. I took the plunge and now have the PDF in my virtual hands. Please note this is by no means a review. So far I am only skimming it and will note here what catches my eye as new and shiny while doing so. Let’ s go and turn the page as they say!

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Savage Worlds Setting Preview: Totems of the Dead

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Savage Worlds

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this time I will have a quick look at an upcoming release by Gun Metal Games, mostly known for their Interface Zero Setting. Interface Zero has received a lot of deserved praise as one of the most comprehensive and detailed Settings for Savage Worlds around and one of the best modern Cyberpunk settings in general. It is also one of 6 RPGs nominated  for best RPG at the upcoming UK Games Expo Awards. And now they are preparing the release of a new setting for Savage Worlds.

The new book is called “Totems of the Dead” and was announced in the Pinnacle Forums in November 2010. Since then steady progress has been made and the book is now in playtesting. What is the setting it all about? I let the Designer speak for himself:

Totems of the Dead was originally conceived as a sort of “New World” counterpart to R.E. Howard’s Hyborea, a place where Swords and Sorcery meet Native American myth and legend. From there I added the Skadian kingdoms, based on what the Viking colonies at Vinland might have evolved into had they been successful in establishing themselves and spreading. From there the setting has taken on a life of its own.

Matthew E. Kaiser – Freelance Writer

If that is not a great idea and an interesting premise for a setting! Who does not  like a setting with Vikings? And mixing it with the native American cultures and their lore, which are a bit underrepresented in RPG settings in general,  should make for an interesting read and some exciting adventures.

So What do we know so far from different Posts/News?

  • This will not be a historical setting, but a fantasy setting inspired by certain periods of pre-Columbian history.
  • The overall geography will be similar to the Americas as we know them but not the same.
  • The magic system will be using the same basic mechanics as Solomon Kane but with different arcane backgrounds appropriate to the setting.
  • It will be around 250 pages, but that’ll change with layout, and art in.
  • The release will be in PDF and Print

But that is not all. Thanks to the kind permission of David Jarvis from Gun Metal Games I have the great opportunity to add a bit to that information based on the current version of the Playtest files.

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