Savage Sinclair

Since 30 years Inspector John Sinclair of Scotland Yard is on the hunt. With Stakepistols, Holy Water and Silver Bullets crafted and blessed in a Monastery in Scotland. Vampires, Werewolfs and Demons alike fear him for the cross of Ezekiel he is wearing. An age-old artefact holding the power of the Archangels already wielded by King Solomon, Richard Lionheart and the Templar Master Hector de Valois. He is the son of light, a bastion of good and time and time again he and his friends have thrown the dark hordes back into hell. They fight Vampires in London, destroy super Demons in the dark forests of the Spessart, cross nefarious plans all over the world and are pulled into unknown worlds and strange times. And now you can join them in their mission.

Jon Sinclair

Hello World,

I am in the process of converting the world of the German pulp series  John Sinclair to a Savage World setting. In essence it is a modern pulp horror setting in which all the characters are employed by a subgroup of new Scotland Yard simply called “The Department”.  It is based on a weekly pulp series running since 1973 created by author Helmut Rellergerd alias Jason Dark. There are already more than 1750 stories published with a new one every week, so no shortage on source material!

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