Music for your Sci Fi / Cyberpunk game

Hello World!

It started during the writing of my Necropolis Scenario and then was intensified by the Technoir Kickstarter. I am in a Cyberpunk mood and find myself digging once more through my Music collection for Sci Fi / Cyberpunk games.  Right now I am preparing a playlist to listen to while reading Interface Zero. In all the years you collect a lot of material, but some albums always stick out.

As there are already hundreds of lists and forum posts about the right music for your Cyperpunk or Sci Fi Game out there I will not even attempt to post another list. Instead I want to introduce two albums I really like but have not seen mentioned much. Both deserve your attention as they are high quality albums.

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Savage Worlds Adventure for Necropolis: Outpost CVIII, please come in.

Savage Worlds IconHello World,

This Scenario is based on a Map by Dyson Logos from his “A Character for every Game” Blog. Luckily he graciously allows other blogs to use his maps.  For some reason I saw it and immediately had a Scenario in mind that I had to type out. So here my attempt at a quick Scenario.

“Lance VI, please come in, this is command. We received an emergency signal from Infantry Outpost CVIII. It was sent off by Chaplain Grefoy Mercer.  We lost contact however. You are the closest unit in the area. Immediately change course to sector 4QFK1348. Scout the area and report back any findings. Command out”.  This Patrol seems to never end. It is the third day we are out here, confined within  Deliverance, our trusty Prophet APC. My man are tired and our ammunition runs low.  The Rephaim are unusually active lately. But a Knight always fulfills his duty. “Man” the Knight shouts “Change of plans, we are not going home yet.  Franklin, pedal to the metal, we have us a Chaplain to rescue.”


On the surface this is a usual Rescue mission. Upon arriving at the Outpost there is at first no sign of a disturbance. The characters must first open the entrance with their a manual override since the power is out.  Just as they enter a nasty storm comes up and will interfere with their comms in the Pacifier. The only way to call someone is from the tower. Inside they will discover that the Outpost has been infiltrated and taken over by Rephaim. They have to use all their skill and cleverness to fight through the overrun base and rescue the Chaplain. Unless they find out how and where the Rephaim gained entrance this will be nigh impossible however as a steady stream of reinforcements arrives. When they have closed the entrance they are not our of trouble yet. In the Mess hall a truly Hellish abomination awaits. Only if they destroy this creature they will be able to save the Chaplain and the treasure he protects…

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