Savage Worlds Review : Beasts and Barbarians

Savage Worlds IconHello World,

today I will have a look at Beasts & Barbarians, a Sword and Sorcery Supplement for Savage Worlds by Gramel Publishing. I want to find out if it is as good as word on the street says. So follow me on a journey into a dangerous and wretched place full of dark secrets and mighty heroes.

The looks:

Beasts and Barbarians is a 76 pages PDF file. The usual layer options are present and it is fully bookmarked. I have the habit of scanning the table of contents of any new RPG book I buy to get an overview of the contents and to check if there is something that stand out as interesting to me. However there is no table of contents here. The book starts with the introduction to the setting. A quick flip through reveals the table of contents is at the end of the book, after the index on the last few pages. An odd layout choice that I first found weird but got used to. If you read it at the screen it does even matter less.

The books artwork is of varying quality from very good to mediocre, while the good is definitely in the majority. Do not let the cover image fool you! Gramel is working on a replacement. The layout is nothing extraordinary but works well.

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Savage Worlds: Totems of the Dead + PDF Bundle Pre-Order

Hello World, relatively surprisingly Totems of the Dead can already be pre-ordered through the Cubicle 7 Onlinestore! That is exciting news. I have already posted about this book in the past and I am eagerly awaiting its release to start a campaign. The release date is given as “Autumn 2011” so still too early to tell specifics. I am going over there to order my copy now. What about you? *EDIT As of now it can not be pre-ordered, it is only listed on the Webpage as a future release and can be added to shopping lists. Seems like the … Continue reading Savage Worlds: Totems of the Dead + PDF Bundle Pre-Order

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Savage Worlds : Savage Space

Hello World, instead of now posting everything piece by piece I decided to point you to the current discussion threads on the pinnacle forums. As the game I write this for is next week Saturday I will finish a first full document during the week and then Post again. Please head to the forum to read about Weapons, Armors and Equipment and for my Space Ships as Characters rules. I am still looking for feedback that I can work into the material I have written so far, so do not be shy. If there is anything you think needs to … Continue reading Savage Worlds : Savage Space

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Savage Worlds: Savage Space Weapons Version 0.2 and Armor 0.1

Hello World! yesterday I posted a first version of my Savage Space weapon PDF. After I received some feedback I have updated it to version 02 with some small amendments. If all goes well this will only need minor tweaks before being put in the Savage Space booklet. Let me know what you think! Savage Space Weapons V 02 Additionally I have been working on more stuff too so here is the first version of the Savage Space Armors. Savage Space Armors V 01 I appreciate any kind of feedback, ideas or suggestions! Read you soon! Continue reading Savage Worlds: Savage Space Weapons Version 0.2 and Armor 0.1

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Savage Worlds: Savage Space Weapons Version 0.1

Hello World! as I posted a few days ago I am working on my own personal use Sci Fi setting. For the Fun of it! There are a lot of Movie or Series specific ones but hardly any “generic” ones.  At the moment I am still creating weapon and equipment lists for my players. I tend to write in some fluff, but please feel free to ignore it. I try not to imply too much of a background. But as I am writing it specifically for my game something always sneaks in. I would love to hear feedback on this. … Continue reading Savage Worlds: Savage Space Weapons Version 0.1

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Savage Worlds: Generic Sci Fi Setting – Weapons and Armor

Hello World!

I am not sure why but lately I am enamored with the idea of SF campaign. Sadly my players are a wee but resistant. but since when did actually GM prep have anything to do with upcoming games right? It is fun! So I started to jot down some ideas here and there. For now I have some thoughts on personal weapons and armor. Do you want to know more?

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Savage Worlds Review: Temporal Probability Agency – Agents Handbook

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Hello World!

This time I am trying my hands at a review for the Temporal Probability Agency (TPA) supplement from Apathy Games. What once was a Savage Worlds Blog is now a Game Studio and Savage Worlds Licensee.

Their first release is actually two items in one package : the “Agent’ s Handbook”, which has all the basic rules for the setting, and “To Predict and Serve Act 1: A Function of Probability” the first act of their campaign. This review is only about the  “Agent’ s Handbook”.  Lets find out what the Temporal Propability Agency is and have a look at the books content.

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Brink takes place on the Ark, a man-made floating city that is on the brink of all-out civil war.

Originally built as an experimental, self-sufficient and 100% “green” habitat, the reported rapid rise of the Earth’s oceans has forced the Ark to become home to not only the original founders and their descendants but also to thousands of refugees. With tensions between the two groups growing, Security and Resistance forces are locked in a heated battle for control of the Ark. Which side will you choose? Hello World, welcome to the Ark! One could think this would be the opening of a book or a movie. But in fact it is the background story of a recently released Game. … Continue reading Brink takes place on the Ark, a man-made floating city that is on the brink of all-out civil war.

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Savage Worlds Setting Preview: Totems of the Dead

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Savage Worlds

Hello World,

this time I will have a quick look at an upcoming release by Gun Metal Games, mostly known for their Interface Zero Setting. Interface Zero has received a lot of deserved praise as one of the most comprehensive and detailed Settings for Savage Worlds around and one of the best modern Cyberpunk settings in general. It is also one of 6 RPGs nominated  for best RPG at the upcoming UK Games Expo Awards. And now they are preparing the release of a new setting for Savage Worlds.

The new book is called “Totems of the Dead” and was announced in the Pinnacle Forums in November 2010. Since then steady progress has been made and the book is now in playtesting. What is the setting it all about? I let the Designer speak for himself:

Totems of the Dead was originally conceived as a sort of “New World” counterpart to R.E. Howard’s Hyborea, a place where Swords and Sorcery meet Native American myth and legend. From there I added the Skadian kingdoms, based on what the Viking colonies at Vinland might have evolved into had they been successful in establishing themselves and spreading. From there the setting has taken on a life of its own.

Matthew E. Kaiser – Freelance Writer

If that is not a great idea and an interesting premise for a setting! Who does not  like a setting with Vikings? And mixing it with the native American cultures and their lore, which are a bit underrepresented in RPG settings in general,  should make for an interesting read and some exciting adventures.

So What do we know so far from different Posts/News?

  • This will not be a historical setting, but a fantasy setting inspired by certain periods of pre-Columbian history.
  • The overall geography will be similar to the Americas as we know them but not the same.
  • The magic system will be using the same basic mechanics as Solomon Kane but with different arcane backgrounds appropriate to the setting.
  • It will be around 250 pages, but that’ll change with layout, and art in.
  • The release will be in PDF and Print

But that is not all. Thanks to the kind permission of David Jarvis from Gun Metal Games I have the great opportunity to add a bit to that information based on the current version of the Playtest files.

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