Savage Worlds: ENnie Award Nominations!

Hello World! Is this not great news for the guys at Apathy Games? It is their first published product and already ENnie worthy! Head on over to their Website and congratulate them.  Go. Get! Oh, what TPA is? Read my review. And I would have missed it if Apathy’s Tyson would not have pointed it out: Also Nominated is the Savage Mojo Sourcebook “Shanghai Vampocalypse” for their setting of Demigods Suzerain. Did not have time to look at this yet but it sounds totally wild. Thats two Savage Worlds Nominees. Not too bad. Did I miss anyone else? *edit 09.07.11* … Continue reading Savage Worlds: ENnie Award Nominations!

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Savage Worlds Review: Temporal Probability Agency – Agents Handbook

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Hello World!

This time I am trying my hands at a review for the Temporal Probability Agency (TPA) supplement from Apathy Games. What once was a Savage Worlds Blog is now a Game Studio and Savage Worlds Licensee.

Their first release is actually two items in one package : the “Agent’ s Handbook”, which has all the basic rules for the setting, and “To Predict and Serve Act 1: A Function of Probability” the first act of their campaign. This review is only about the  “Agent’ s Handbook”.  Lets find out what the Temporal Propability Agency is and have a look at the books content.

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Statblocks done right? You decide!

Hello World, I wager this is an old hat for most of you but for me it is rather new. Apathy Games has recently released the “Temporal Probability Agency” setting. I plan on having a closer look at it and write my first review later on. For now I want to latch on something they have devised I personally find to be a small stroke of genius. We all know, love or hate the ages old Statblock. Born from the necessity to have all the information for an NPC condensed and available in one glance. And they still seem to … Continue reading Statblocks done right? You decide!

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