Savage Worlds Adventure for Thrilling Tales: Hold it right there Dr. Totmacher!

Those where the last words I shouted at him across a rooftop in Manhattan. He did not Stop. He Jumped and I thought he was going to fall. But at the last second he got a hold of the rope ladder that his cronies lowered from an airship above. Luckily he had to leave some of his research behind. That is how we found out where he was going to be. Syria! He was opening the ancient Temple of Shimati deep in the desert, following a trail to the fabled tablets of destiny of old Mesopotamia. We could not let him get his hands on the tablets, the danger was far to great. When we arrived we quickly found out the site was secured like a military base. Frontal assault was out of the question. We called in many favors from our more… shady acquaintances. Finallya contact sent us to an old grave robber who  was in that temple once, as a boy. He could hardly speak. He was blind on one eye and had lost a leg. It is a wonder he was still alive. During the conversation we learned he still counts himself lucky. He had lost his older brother in the temple and barely escaped himself with a small golden statue. Thanks to selling this staute he could live comfortably ever since. He would not tell us how he lost his brother or his leg and eye. After some gentle persuasion on our part he was willing to let his grandson Aziz lead us to the secret entrance they had used so many years ago. The main gate was supposedly impossible to open. We had to hurry. This was our only chance. We must stop Dr. Totmacher !

Savage Worlds IconHello World,

This Scenario is again based on a Map by Dyson Logos from his “A Character for every Game” Blog. As he graciously allows other blogs to use his maps I will. Onwards to Adventure!

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New Character Sheet

Hi all, just added a new download. A Character Sheet for Savage Worlds Thrilling Tales based on the official learning wheels Sheet. Thanks to Cheyenne and his amazing sheets for inspiration! Done in GIMP. It is also available as a PDF in the Downloads section. Continue reading New Character Sheet

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