Technoir : Transmission Frankfurt Main Cityplex

Hello World! As a slight detour from my usual Savage Worlds posting I will quickly visit Technoir. I mentioned the Transmissions earlier here on my blog and have been working on one myself since then. Creating it was a lot harder than I expected, but I learned a lot during the process. Mostly that Open Office is no tool to do layout with.. As the name suggests the Transmission is about Frankfurt/Main in Germany. It has banks, terrorists, AI, a plane crash, a boat chase, drugs, a bomb, a KSK unit, the russian  mob and more! If interest is there … Continue reading Technoir : Transmission Frankfurt Main Cityplex

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Savage Worlds Conversion: Technoir – Transmissions

Savage Worlds IconHello World!

You may or may not have heard about the Kickstarter for a new RPG called Technoir. It gathered a funding of over$  from supporters quicker than anyone had anticipated and it is still growing.  I really recommend checking it out! It is an interesting game in itself and worth your money. However I am a Savage at heart. I am honest here, I never connected to RPG engines that where Storyteller focused. I love my dice so I prefer systems with more dice types than D6. And my group and I have  a strong dislike for dice pool mechanics. But I still pledged money to it. Why? The presentation is great, the mechanics well thought out and it contains more than a simple game engine. I am really excited for it simply because it inspires me. It is the first game of this type that somehow managed to click. And I am sure I will be able to borrow liberally for my Savage Worlds games!

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