So that Shadow Ops thing…

Best laid plans and all that. What happened? My players decided two weeks before game date they would rather play Fallout instead of Shadowrun. I had to scramble and translated and modified Savage Fallout and Nates Fallout to suit my needs. If anyone is interested I can share a link, it is only in german though.


As you can see from the image I went with Savage Worlds and made my own bennies. Game went great and we will stay in the fallout world and continue with it online. It was a success on all fronts. But I am still sad I did not have enough time to finish Shadow Ops yet. I am kind of regretting not going with D00lite for Fallout as well. I decided against it because I would have had to create everything from scratch and I did not have the time for that.

What about my Shadowrun Hack for D00lite though? Well, it is not finished yet and I am quiet buys right now preparing for a more extended sandbox campaign for Fallout. The only thing missing though is a bunch of equipment and the cyberware. And a lot of proof reading too. I could release it as is and not worry about it. But I am inclined to see if I can make room in the next 4 weeks to finish it up and post it then. What do you think?


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