Savage Worlds continues to impress

It has been a bit more then a year now since I stopped using Savage Worlds. While I played D00lite in the meantime my main go to system was Barbarians of Lemuria. While it is a great, easy going, system I do miss some of the crunchiness of Savage Works and especially the fantastic range of…

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New Covert Ops Release: Operation “Olympus Rising”

It took a while, but finally the second Short Assignment for Covert Ops with the title “Olympus Rising” has been released by DWD Studios. The 23 Page PDF has the familiar clear and good looking layout you are used to for DwD Studio Titles. While the adventure does not contain any artwork it does have several detailed, full…

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New BareBones Release – Spellcards

This week finally saw a new release from the DWD Studio Folks. A small accessory for all the Bare Bones Spellcasters out there. I can´t comment on the physical properties of the cards as I only have the PDF. I am fond of cards for spells and abilities since the first sets of spellcards appeared on Drivethrough back when…

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Guild of Shadows – A SaWo Kickstarter

Hello all, after posting my Thief BBF hack Mat Greenflied contacted me about a Kickstarter for SaWo. While I wont be participating as I am not actively playing Savage Worlds anymore, my interest in all things thief like is enough to at least put up a quick post about it.   As a fan of Savage…

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Thief – Sneak, Stalk, Steal, Survive the D00lite way

Thief: The Dark Project is still one of my favorite games of all times. And with the release of the new Thief game nostalgia set in. That nostalgia merged with my current D00lite fixation one night. Starting the next morning I did write it into a Thief D00lite hack. And what do you know, here is already version two.…

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Savage Worlds and me

Long time no see! My time has become short to post anything the last year and a half, as is painfully obvious if you look at the page. I also did no have anything of interest to say. I am still playing Savage Worlds regularly with my group on Roll20. For a long time I…

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