Savage Worlds and me

Long time no see! My time has become short to post anything the last year and a half, as is painfully obvious if you look at the page. I also did no have anything of interest to say. I am still playing Savage Worlds regularly with my group on Roll20. For a long time I…

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Random Names and Worldbuilding

Helllo World, in my perpetual state of game prep I am at a point where I am focusing on the names for my fantasy campaign. My world is rather generic, but that is on purpose as we play not that regularly and the more generic the easier it  will be for the players to ease back into…

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Edge of the Empire Beginner Box Impressions

Just this Saturday I ran the Beginner Set Adventure for 2 of my regular players. Spoiler: We had tons of fun. I do not own the Beta,  this was our first contact with the System. First off I am pleasantly surprised that there are more tokens in the Box then the included Adventure calls for,…

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State of Savage Space

Hello all, this is a slightly modified repost of something I wrote on G+ yesterday. Because several people have repeatedly shown an interest in my Savage Space supplements current status I thought it is time I make a post about it. For anyone with no idea what I am talking about, it is a Sci…

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Deadlands Noir — Kickstarter

Hello again, I wager most of you will have heard it by now. Pinnacle is doing a Kickstarter for the first time too and it is for a new book: Deadlands Noir. Set in the 1935 New Orleans it promises crime, mystery and the occult in the trademark Deadlands style transported into the time of…

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Beasts of the Dominions — Indiegogo

Hello all, no, I am not dead yet! Just super busy with other things at the moment. I feel bad about it though! Anyway, I just popped in to share an Indigogo project that is currently running for Beasts and Barbarians by GRAmel. They are close to the goal and you still have time to…

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John Sinclair - Vicente Ballestar

Mini Setting: Savage Sinclair

Hello all, I though it was time I shared my current main campaign. The PDF is relatively small and has only the rules and items needed to run the game. There is no fluff or back story in the PDF but to sum it up: Savage Sinclair is mostly based on a pulp series called…

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